Formulated by Healthcare and Science Professionals

Back in 2012, primary care physician Dr. Matthew West and medicinal chemist Dr. Gary Allred got together to find a way to lower the risk of getting sick during their travels – especially when flying. Three key goals were identified during the development of Colds CX:

  1. Fight germs before they can infect the body.
  2. Assist the body in fighting ongoing infections.
  3. Hydrate the sinus to help keep mucus linings from becoming damaged.
After researching hundreds of herbal extracts, trying many different formulations and extraction techniques, and studying user feedback, we are now making Colds CX available to the public.

Made in the USA

We make Colds CX in North Carolina, USA in small batches. We’ve found that this is the best way to preserve the herbal extracts and effectiveness of the formulation.