The answer to how to protect yourself against germs is to use Colds Cx Nasal Spray! Colds Cx will rehydrate and moisten nasal passages and provide a dose of natural herbal germ destroying agents. Our spray targets the nasal passages that are susceptible to the low humidity conditions that contribute to you getting a cold.

Developed by Dr. Matthew West, ND, Colds Cx Nasal Spray has been tested on patients with excellent results!

When to Use

When Flying: During and right after an airplane flight

During Cold of Winter: When it’s the cold of winter and humidity is low (below 35%)

In Crowded Rooms: When in crowded rooms away from home, especially when its cold outside and the humidity is low

When Sick: When one has been sick with a compromised immune system

First Sign of a Cold: At first sign of a cold and continue for a few days depending on symptoms